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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
10:32 am
For Your Consideration...
Three PENNY AND AGGIE stories, two of them very short:

"The Race Card."


"Omega Sisters."
Friday, September 9th, 2005
12:25 pm
Search Engine Funnies (fo' real)
When I requested this review, I was hoping that SEARCH ENGINE FUNNIES was on the verge of a grand and glorious new age. Two days ago, all three artists quit within eight hours. I thought it was something I said, but apparently if you work on a search engine comic on September 7, really good things happen to your career. That's right, they ALL THREE got well-paying jobs that left them without time to cartoon. I'll probably be doing another search-engine-themed series before it's all said and done, but SEARCH ENGINE FUNNIES = toast.

So this instead becomes a chance to reflect, take stock, look at what went right and what went wrong. I tend to loathe the "substitute strips" I came up with to fill little holes in the schedule (you'll know 'em when you see 'em, they're all meta), and we're running a guest sequence right now, so I'd appreciate a focus on the "real" strips.

Best thing to do is start here: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/t/search/series.php?view=archive&chapter=394. The official URLs are http://www.webcomicsnation.com/t and http://www.search-comics.com.
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
8:01 am
The official attendee page...
We could use a single page with links to all the attendees' work. Who ended up with the attendee list last night?
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
6:11 pm
Like to introduce myself too...
But I don't have much time tonight.

Just go to tcampbell.net and that'll give you a quick, full version...

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